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The history

Coedit Limited was formed in 2003 by two experienced software developers who were looking to provide quality web-based solutions to a rapidly increasing market.

Disillusioned with the poor quality of many high-profile web sites, they saw a market for their talent, and so merged their well-established software companies, bringing together their knowledge and experience.

The present

Luckily for our clients, while we have over 20 years of combined experience, our skills aren't stuck in the 1980's.

We constantly learn and adapt to follow trends and web standards as they become revised, and firmly believe in the robustness and quality of our work — we are proud to supply quality web solutions.

Company details

Company registration number
Registered company address
Coedit Limited
Unit 90
Kingspark Business Centre
152-178 Kingston Road
New Malden
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Coedit implemented a complex design and ensured that search engine optimsation and accessibility was core to this challenging corporate redesign.

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