Intranet work

We have been involved in many projects over the years – not all of them available on the internet. We have been involved in creating complete intranets from the ground up, as well as internal microsites and award winning newsletters. This kind of work inevitably involves some element of database architecture and server-side programming.

As with all of our work, we focus on attention to detail and put the users first when it comes to any usability issue, since it will be they who are to be using the solution on a daily basis. We have included some of the intranet based work below…

ONI Intranet, Opodo

ONI Intranet website screenshot

The brief

We were tasked with migrating their entire intranet website to a database, building a content management system and integrating into a redesigned website. Opodo also required guidance with the development and implementation of further functionality including internal flight booking, financial process control and active directory integration.

The work involved architecting everything from the server configurations and database modelling through to server-side coding and front-end design integration.

When the Opodo Intranet (ONI) was launched, it was well recieved and continues to enjoy increasing use as it scales to accomodate their expanding organisation.

The company

Opodo are a leading pan-European online travel company specialising in worldwide travel. Founded by nine of Europe's airlines and now majority owned by travel technology company Amadeus, Opodo operates in nine countries, giving you the tools and information you need to plan and book all your travel requirements online.

Desktop Screensaver, Speirs Finance

Speirs Finance screensaver screenshot

The brief

To create an animated screensaver, based on the corporate image, for installation on the company's PCs. This successfully allowed them to add another layer to the use of their corporate brand.

The company

Speirs Finance are a multi-million dollar division of Speirs Group Limited, a 100% New Zealand owned and operated company with a business heritage dating back over 100 years. They are experts in financing for all forms of vehicle, plant, machinery and business equipment.

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