With the combined experience of over 20 years, Coedit Limited is able to provide appropriate advice and support. From small businesses looking to create their first "web presence" on the internet, through to global enterprises with formal project requirements - the skill set within Coedit Limited includes work for clients including:

  • AOL Europe
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Financial Times
  • Opodo (UK)
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • The Royal Bank of Scotland Group
  • UBS Warburg
  • Zircadian

We are available for immediate on-site consultancy within the London area. We are also available to conduct web development work remotely (with such work having been done in France, Australia and New Zealand to date).

We have worked on projects that have spanned over 2 years, and on projects that lasted only a couple of days. Some work may require very fast turn-around - with your planning we are able to provide the resource.

If you demand attention to detail, require quality consulting and a professional approach to your business - then please contact us

We want to work with you.

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Flash Solutions

Coedit delivered a Flash solution to enhance their US search offering. This Flash tool allows users to narrow their search results visually.

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Financial Times Flash search solution screen shot