Web development

When we first started developing web sites back in the mid-nineties, little attention was paid to accessibility or standards compliance. Each browser had its own quirks and nuances, so getting consistent behaviour across all browsers was tricky; managing the same task across multiple operating systems, more so.

The years we have spent coercing different browsers in various ways has lead to an intimate understanding of modern CSS and layout techniques, as well as a wealth of practical knowledge of dealing with these browser quirks.

We develop web sites employing solid architecture, whether we are building to fit into existing infrastructure, or building a complete package including site and hosting.

We also offer design services to complement the development without compromising on web standards or accessibility. This means you get a quality crafted product that performs now, and will continue to perform well into the future.

Not just HTML

Modern web development requires a thorough understanding of HTML, CSS and Javascript (in its many flavours), as well as an attention to detail that can see talented design recreated faithfully on the web. In addition to HTML, we can build using ASP, PHP or JSP environments, including database connectivity and integration.

Intranet and in-house development

The same skills we utilise for internet web sites are refined in the creation and integration of web applications for intranets. We have worked with SMEs and large corporations to design and deliver turn-key content management systems, client relationship management systems and process flow tools – all fully fledged applications with a featured web interface.

Web standards and accessibility

Along with an appreciation of how information is structured, we are able to apply modern CSS rules to standards-compliant code and create sites that are both accessible and functional, whether you have Javascript enabled or not.

Our sites remain search engine friendly, and follow DDA guidelines as well as best practice guidelines issued by the W3C (including A, AA and AAA standards).

Whether you need to add a secure area to your public web site, or a full content management system that allows you to control your web site contents, we are keen to work with you on a solution. We can provide graphic design skills if required, or we can work with your own professionals to realise their designs on the web.

Let us help you plan your next online campaign - and lift your standards even higher.

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