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We are constantly looking at ways to make the web better - not only for users, but for our clients as well. Our clients would clearly benefit from being able to update their own websites without involving us at every step, and it is from this very basic requirement that the Coedit CMS was born.

What is the Coedit CMS?

The Coedit CMS is a content management system - a series of web pages that allow you to control the contents of the main website data. This data is stored in a database, which delivers this data to the main website when it is requested.

The important part to any CMS is the interaction between the user and the data - it needs to remain easy to use, no matter what.

Our CMS is not only easy to use, it has been designed "from the ground, up" to function across all modern browsers and operating systems - and it does not rely on Javascript for functionality.

Unlike most CMS solutions in use today, we have employed best-practices to ensure that we deliver accessible code that validates against the W3C accessibility guidelines. You can verify this yourself by following the links to the W3C at the bottom of every page.

How can I use the Coedit CMS?

The Coedit CMS is available as part of the services we offer to our clients. You can't just download a copy and install it yourself - we customise it to your needs, add extra modules as required and make sure that it integrates with the website we develop for you.

Where do I go from here?

If you like what you see - and you would like to discuss your needs further, please take a moment to contact us. It would be great to hear from you.

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